b'One of Las Vegas biggest homegrown success storiesBranden Campbell grew up in Las Vegas and graduated isTheKillers,formedbyChaparralHighSchoolfromBonanzaHighSchoolbeforejoiningchart graduate Brandon Flowers with band members whotopping alternative band Neon Trees in 2006. attended Chaparral, Clark and Western High Schools. They burst on the international music scene in 2003,PopRockband,TheCab,startedwithfriends areGrammyawardwinningwithmulti-platinumAlexanderDeleonandCashColligan,whoplayed record sales. music together at Liberty High School in Henderson. Theyreleasedtheirdebutalbumin2008andwere Panic! at the Disco was formed in 2004 in suburbancalled The Band You Need to Know by Alternative Summerlin, Las Vegas by childhood friends Ryan RossPress magazine.andSpencerSmith,whoattendedBishopGorman High School. They invited Brent Wilson and classmateLasVegasnative,DanReynolds,graduatedfrom Brendon Urie from Palo Verde High School to join theBonanza High School and formed Imagine Dragons band. Band members were still in high school, Ross atinProvo,Utah,whileattendingBrighamYoung UNLV, when they landed their first recording contractUniversity. The band relocated to Las Vegas where they and enjoyed gold and platinum sales certifications.got their first big break performing in front of 26,000 attheBiteofLasVegasFestival.Theysignedtheir Members of the post-hard core band Escape the Fatefirst record deal in 2011 and gained multi-platinum attended Pahrump and Mojave High Schools beforecertificationandGrammyawards.Theirsingle, getting a big break in 2005 after winning a local radioRadioactive, set the all-time record for the longest contest and scoring a recording contract. The bandsreignatthetopoftheBillboardRockSongschart, first four albums all ranked in the Top 20 of Billboardswith 23 consecutive weeks and the all-time record for independent album chart. longest run on the Billboard Hot 100, with 87 weeks.Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gladys KnightSo, whos the next music sensation out of Las Vegas? leadstheLasVegas-basedSaintsUnifiedVoices,Keep an eye on Brumby, an alternative western rock which earned a Grammy Award for Best Gospel ChoirbandmadeupofcousinsOliver,TylerandSpencer or Chorus Album in 2005.Tingey with friend, Dylan Self.Myparentsandsiblingsallsangand played musical instruments. I wanted to be a rock star, but stayed in school.~ Rick, The Rick Harris BandThe Killers Toni Basil Imagine Dragons 92015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 7 12/10/15 10:40 AM'