b'More Work Means MoreWor k InjuriesW hen driving around Las Vegas or any part of the great State of Nevada, youve noticed happily consistent sights and growing sounds: new construction projects. Construction is finally picking up in Nevada withthenationsseventhhighestpercentagegaininconstructionjobsfrom2014to2015.This welcome news indicates the economy in Nevada is finally seeing signs of recovery the rest of the country has been experiencing after the Great Recession. With an improving economy, most Nevadans are getting back to work. The State is expected to return to its pre-recession high of nearly 1.4 million jobs in all industries by mid-2016.But at what cost? illnessesanddeaths,butmaximumbenefitsrarely Unfortunately,withmoreconstructioninNevada,comewithoutafight.Workerscompensationlaws more construction accidents will occur. From slip andarecomplexandgiveinsurancecompaniesmany fallaccidents,autoaccidentsincompanyvehicles,loopholes for denying benefits.malfunctioningmachineryandthementaland physical demands of the job, the probability of an on- AlthoughNevadansareexcitedandrelievedbythe the-job injury is high. Construction workers receiveeconomic recovery, the threat of a serious work injury moreworkerscompensationbenefitsthanworkersshould not be taken lightly. Richard Harris Law Firm in all industries nationwide, and the same is true forhas a strong background in helping workers get all the Nevada.benefitstheydeserve.Whenyouvesufferedawork injury, its your responsibility to immediately inform Workinjuriescanhavealastingeffectonthelivesyouremployeroftheincident,seekpropermedical ofworkersandtheirfamilies.Betweenlostwagescare and concentrate on your recovery; the rest is up to andmedicalbills,on-the-jobinjuriesareexpensiveus. The Richard Harris Law Firm will be the voice for setbacks.Workerscompensationprogramswereyou and your family, so you can focus on getting better. adopted to reduce litigation for work-related injuries,You work hard for your familyso let us work hard for you if youre injured on the job.462015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 44 12/10/15 10:45 AM'