b'HOW TO WRECK YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CASE:USE SOCIAL MEDIA!N owadays, everyone is using social media. Its greatAfter an injury, the best advice isDo Not Post on for updating your own information and checking outthe Internet,especially on social media sites, until someone else just about anyone you want to find informa- your case is concluded. While you probably wont take tion about. Its also true anyone can search for informationdown your social media sites altogether, if theres no new about YOU. And thats just why its so important to protectinformation posted after your injury, theres less to be used yourselfespecially if you have a personal injury case. against you.DontyouthinktheinsuranceadjusterisgoingtoA personal injury insurance adjusters job is to pay as little as Google you, check out your Facebook profile, and follow youpossible for your injury claim. If you provide comments or on Twitter for anything possible to make you look bad,describe activities on your social media profile, inconsistent embarrass you or use against you to diminish the value ofwith the severity of your claimed injuries, it can be used to your case? attack your credibility and devalue your claim. If youre going to have your deposition taken, dont youEven if you have the most stringent privacy settings think the insurance defense attorney has checked you outenabled, the defendants attorney and insurance company in every possible way on the Internet, maybe through ancan access your information though the civil discovery pro-investigator and even with video surveillance? When insur- cess, or by a subpoena.ance attorneys are preparing deposition or trial questions for you, theyre likely to know everything about you posted on the Internet or found in public records. 222015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 20 12/10/15 10:42 AM'