b'F requently, a police officer will contact you before youre When Docharged, hoping to obtain a confession. You have the rightI was arrested again because I failed to follow to an attorney present during questioning. The police dont warn you of that right because they often havent placed youthrough on the deal you were able to get me. I I Need Ain formal custody prior to the discussion. The police use thissat in CDC for several days not knowing what strategy hoping to make their case easier to prove. Wheneverwas going to happen to me. I was extremely Criminalcontacted by the police, always ask for time to confer withscared, deprived of sleep and full of nervous-Counsel. Thats usually the time to retain an attorney. nessone of my most terrifying experiences. You gave me hope when you spoke with me Whenchargedwithacrimeandfacingjailorprison,youthat maybe I would be alright. I spoke to you Defense shouldneverbewithoutanattorney. Youmayhavebeenabout my fears, the fact I wanted to be free taken to jail, posted bond and now must follow the courtand part of my family that Ive gone through system for dealing with the criminally accused. Fortunately,very rough times for the past years. I know I youarenotpresumedguilty.Thestrongpresumptionofcould see in your eyes the compassion you Attorney? innocenceremainswithyouunlesstheprosecutorprovesfelt for my situation and knowing Im not a your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. bad person, I had just made mistakes. I didnt know if after I messed up and failed, I would A criminal defense lawyer can protect you from the powerhave any chance to be a free man again. I ofthegovernment,maketheprosecutorproveyouguiltywant to personally thank you for being there. and raise Constitutional issues. Sometimes its necessary toTo see you show up, defend me and try your hire experts to counter the prosecution and educate the jury.best to get me out of my situation, lifted the Often there are weaknesses in the prosecutors case and aweight off my shoulders more than you can criminal defense lawyer can articulate reasons a case shouldimagine. For you to take the time to talk to my be dismissed or at least negotiate a better deal. A resolutionmother also means a great deal to me. I wish without trial, a plea bargain, may be advantageous dependingI could find the words to thank you, to show on the evidence against you.my appreciation for how you came through for my mom, my family and myself. Thank Thestakesarehighwhenfacingaconvictionwiththeyou, may God bless you and your family.prospects of jail, prison or even probation. You should neverSincerely and appreciatively,stand by yourself. The government has an attorney and so should you. ~ S.W.E.332015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 33 12/10/15 10:44 AM'