b'HIGH PERFORMANCE JET FIGHTERSWhenKathystoppedataconvenience storenearDeath Valley,California, herlifechangedforever. Thestoreemployeeknew aboutthemilkysubstanceonthefloor,butdidnt cleanitup.Kathyslippedontheliquidandfell violently,sufferingadevastatingbackinjury.The insurance company for the convenience store didnt wanttopay,soKathyaskedustohelp.Wesued, andeventuallytheinsurancecompanyaskedfor asettlementconference.Kathyspermanentback injury would have made the long drive to Southern Californiaunbearable,sowefiredupthefirmjet. Kathy and her family were whisked to the mediation where a 7-figure settlement was achieved and were back home that evening. We fought hard for Kathy and our jet made her travel more comfortable. Its just one of the many ways our law firm does a better job.432015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 41 12/10/15 10:44 AM'