b"RICK'S TOP TENTED TALKSTED, a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topicsfrom science to business to global issuesin over 100 languages. TED is devoted to spreading ideas and sparking conversation, usually in short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).TED Talks can be found on YouTube.com.1 MY LIFE AS A ONE-MAN BAND Lets make the right choice: the choice that brings about Tommy Emmanuel the best in the future of machines, just like athleticism and I make music, and you get happy. Tommy Emmanuelsports can bring out the best in us.created a life for himself as a one-man band and has become one of Australias most respected musicians. With3 MY PHILOSOPHY FOR A HAPPY LIFElight vim and pure talent, he demonstrates his uniqueSam Bernsplaying style, which is notably a development of the TravisSam Berns of Foxboro, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with picking technique and blending of rhythm and melody.Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, at two. Despite his diagnosis, he achieved highest honors in high school and 2 THE ASTOUNDING ATHLETIC POWERserved as percussion section leader in the marching band. OF QUADCOPTERS During his 2013 talk, he said, I have a very happy life. Raffaello DAndrea Even though there are many obstacles in my life, a lot of In a robot lab at TEDGlobal, Raffaello DAndrea demosthem being caused by Progeria, I dont want people to feel his flying quadcopters: robots that think like athletes,bad for me. I dont think about these obstacles all the time, solving physical problems with algorithms that help themand Im able to overcome most of them, anyway.learn. Why exactly are they building machine athletes? We use the analogy of sports and athleticism to create new4 THE PRISON OF YOUR MINDalgorithms for machines to push them to their limits. LikeSean Stephensonall our past creations and innovations, they may be usedNever believe a prediction that doesnt empower you. You to improve the human condition, or misused and abused.are not your condition. Every human being just wants 282015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 26 12/10/15 10:43 AM"