b'HOW TO WRECK YOURWHO, ME?If you insist on using CONSIDER THESE EXAMPLES social media, hereare a few simple rules PERSONAL INJURY CASE: If you injured your back in a car accident and are claiming you cantyou should follow. perform heavy lifting, youre constantly in pain and cant engage in normal recreational activities, it wouldnt be a good idea to post a USE SOCIAL MEDIA! video of you catching and holding a 100-pound tuna on a fishing tripCheck your privacy settingsin Mexico. The insurance adjuster on your personal injury claim willand make your personaluse this information against you to make you look like youre lying orinformation and posts private.at least exaggerating your injuries.Keep your case private. Dont post any Consider, for example, the difference between posting, Dancingphotos of your accident or give any last night was great! and I had fun watching you guys dance. If youinformation regarding recovering from went skiing with friends, but sat in the lodge and never actuallyyour injuries, or activities which may be skied, make that clear. If you went bowling, but sat out the last gameconstrued to be inconsistent with your because your back injury flared up, say so! claimed injuries. Ask your friends notto post about your injuries and activities. If your Facebook page mentions your love for street racing,If you send a message, know who and youve been injured in an auto accident, where you and the youre sending it to. other driver blame each other for speeding and running a red light, dont you think your online information will lessen the value ofFor Facebook users, you can remove your claim?yourself from showing up in Googles search results, too. Go to your privacy settings page and uncheck the box Remember, the insuranceunder Public Search Listing.adjusterandopposingThis is a must.attorney on your case willWhen uploading photos, be selective. besearchingfordetailsAsk yourself, Will this help or hurt my regardingyouandyourcase? Set up filters allowing only friends claimed injuries. Ideally, itto see your photo albums. For Facebook would be best to close downusers, select Only Me for people who yoursocialmediasitescan view your tagged photos.during your case. This will ensure you and your friendsOnly accept friend requests fromdont post any damagingpeople you know personally. An informationthatwillbeinsurance adjuster may send you a friend used against you. request hoping to gain access to your personal information.Dont join groups with namesor discussions which couldcompromise your claim.If possible, block all but certain people from viewing your profile. In Facebook, you can do this under the Settings. Additionally, you may want to remove yourself from the Facebook search results. You can do this by selecting Only Friends under search visibility.232015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 21 12/10/15 10:42 AM'