b"TRAFFIC SCHOOL BUSTERS!FREECONVENIENTONLINEThe original Ticket Busters, a division of the Richard Harris Law Firm, has helped over 50,000 clients over the past 10 years avoid long lines, points, insurancec o N . s t n u o c s ih s a d rv ea hpremium increases and traffic school, in most cases. tu l oBut when the court orders traffic school, or when our e h. t i wclients choose traffic school for a better deal with thedc o N . s t n u o c s icourt, Ticket Busters clients get traffic school for FREE. s a d r n eLv h e im bia htmEven if youre not a current Ticket Busters client,l weo tu ie h on o . t i ee cwper visit.t bofferouronlinetrafficschoolforFREEwhenyou d y noepurchase $50 in Ticket Buster Bucks gift certificates forL Manm biimitn coonly $25. Thats right, for only $25, you get FREE traffic oe p e er visit.y not b FREE PASS FOR TRAFFIC SCHOOL TO:schoolnowand$50infutureTicketBusterslegal Maservices for you or a friend. PASS FROM:The bearer of this certificate is entitledDATE:to one free class enrollment for online traffic school. The registration access FormoreinformationonTicketBustersandTrafficcode is a one-time use code.SchoolBusters,call702-666-6666,downloadourClass Location: Class Time: Class Website: Registration Access Code:mobile app or visit TicketBusters.com/traffic-school.Your Computer 24/7.Student's Choice ticketbusters.comFREE PASS FOR TRAFFIC SCHOOL182015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 16 TRAFFIC SCHOOL BUSTERS 12/10/15 10:42 AMWhile on the ticketbusters.com home page, scroll all the way down to the Take Your Class: tions bottom and click on the Tra\x1fc School Busters link. Follow the instruccarefully to register and complete the course.Go to ticketbusters.com and use theRegistration Access Code on the front of this ticket to enroll.You must successfully \x1enish the course at least 10 days prior to your completion Remember. ti\x1ecate in the mail.date to allow enough time for you to receive your cer t and pay You must present your Tra\x1fc School Certi\x1ecate to the Couryour \x1ene by your completion date."