b'MOVEPhysical activity keeps your muscles toned,yourbloodpumpingand your brain enriched. It need not be adedicatedworkoutsession,just commit to a block of time. Stand up and stretch. Walk around the block. Takeyourdogtothepark.Lift weights.Tendtoyouryard,plant seasonalflowersandhand-water your grass, trees and bushes. Exer-cisesthathelpyoumaintainyour This article is dedicated to Mom and Dad, Donbalance can help you avoid falls and and Janeen Harris, who lived long and well. injuries.Thegoalistokeepyour body used to doing physical things andmaintainingyourphysical LIVING TOstrength. Turning off the TV helps your heart. 90 USE YOUR MIND notbusy. Keepyourmindactiveand Much like muscles, your mind los-es its sharpness when itsused and challenged. Crossword or sim-ilar puzzles help your brain main-taincognitiveabilities.Havedeep conversationsanddebatetopics with your friends and family. Write letters, or write a book. Learn new skills, and use a computer to open up new worlds and help stay con-Menandwomenabovetheageof90nected with your family and friends. are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S.population.ThatsremarkableMAINTAIN A SENSE OF PURPOSEsince the average life expectancy in theAttendchurchorvolunteeryour U.S. in 1900 was only 49 years. timetoexpandyoursocialcir-cleandkeepconnected.Focuson Research in this age group has been sparse until recently hobbies and activities to lower the for obvious reasons. What we know is there are several keychancesofdevelopingAlzheimers factors these long-lifers have in common. By incorporatingdisease.these into your life, you can raise your odds of not only livingRELAX AND SLEEPto 90 and beyond, but also living well in your older years.Minimize stress in your life by rec-ognizing what you can and cannot So, what seems to make acontrol.Whyworryaboutthings difference in living long?you can do nothing about? Doctors suggest yoga, meditation and deep 442015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 42 12/10/15 10:45 AM'