b'Annual PSA Contest UpdateT heRichardHarrisLawFirmisproudTheStudentswithaCausePSAcontest,nowinitssixthyear, to announce the winners of the 2015encouragesstudentstocreativelyexpresstheirvisionand StudentswithaCausePublicServiceexperiences through a 30-second video that will engage, motivate AnnouncementContest:1stPlaceJohnnyand make a difference in their lives and the community. The theme Morales and Jordan Libby of Palo Verde Highof this years contest, What if challenged students to answer the School,and2ndPlaceAndiNguyenandhypotheticalquestionasitrelatestoimprovingtheirlives,their AlecEspinozafromAdvancedTechnologiesfamily or community.Academy.MoralesandLibbyearned$1,500 in scholarship funds, and a $500 donation toWe received a number of outstanding video submissions this year, theirschool,fortheirwinningvideotitled,said Richard Harris, Founder of the Richard Harris Law Firm. The What if We All Believed in Ourselves? Nguyencreative expression and raw talent showcased by these high school andEspinozacollectivelyearned$1,000instudents was impressive.scholarship funds for their video titled, What If People Didnt Litter?The four PSA contest winners were honored in a ceremony held at the Richard Harris Law Firm, where they were awarded their prizes. The winning videos have been highlighted on the firms social media and aired on local TV.The 2015 winning PSA videos and all submissions can be viewed at: StudentsWithaCause.org.Richard Harris Law Firm was recognized by the Clark County School District Board for sponsoring the Students with a Cause PSA contest.122015 REACHINGOUT-CURRENT.indd 10 12/10/15 10:41 AM'