b'T he TV commercials, social media, the experiencesweve all heard the stories of some seemingly helpful drugs or products causing life-altering injuries or health challenges. Medical advancements have allowed prescription drugs and medical devices to help with ailments or ease discomfort, but dangerous drugs and defective products cause serious injuries or death to some. The Richard Harris Law Firm has a long, successful history of handling these mass tort cases. Gaining knowledge on the effectiveness and side effects of medical devices and prescription drugs allows you to weigh the potential benefits and risks when using drugs and devices. Mass tort litigation arises when manufacturers fail to disclose known complications, so patients cannot weigh the risks and benefits. Mass torts are national civil actions involving numerous harmed people against the corporation responsible for the damages.For over 40 years, the Richard Harris Law Firm has represented injured victims of dangerous drugs and devices throughout the country. If you or a loved one have experienced negative side effects from medications or products, contact us today.30'