b'Clark SeegmillerLaw is a Family AffairClark Seegmiller wouldnt have goneand I colleagues, and law partners, we are close to law school without his sister.friends. He and I have worked together in one capacity or another for over 30 years.Clark completed his undergraduate studies toWith a legal career spanning over three de-earn his bachelors degree in economics fromcades, Clarks favorite time as a lawyer is when the University of Utah and had been accepted tothe jury understands his client and they award Duke University to earn his Master of Businessthem the help they need and deserve. Despite Administration degree. Six weeks before start- all the hard work, struggles and battles to get to ing graduate school, he visited his sister, whoa jury, once you are there as a trial lawyer, you mentioned she was planning to take the Laware in front of real people with real life experi-School Admission Test LSAT. Being a supportiveences who have an opportunity to express their brother, Clark registered for the exam and tookhumanity. And while the wins in court affect it, too. He did so well on the LSAT, he put hisClark, his losses sometimes stand out more. Af-MBA in the rearview mirror and began his legalter fighting hard for a family who had lost their studies with his sister at University of the Pacificson in a catastrophic accident, we eventually lost McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. Whilethe case. However, what stands out the most is in law school, Clark and his sister worked forthe gratitude they expressed to me after the loss, their brother, with a personal injury law firm,which was frankly unbelievable. Their response making it a true family affair.was greater than some of the most successful vic-Even though I fell into law school, while Itories Ive ever had. To this day, Clark enjoys a was there, I really discovered my talent, saidrelationship with the family as they are connect-Seegmiller. Not only was I able to help injureded through this tough case.people through the difficulties of dealing withClarks family means the world to him, and insurance companies, but, after an introductionhe can be found outside of the office instilling to the art of the trial lawyer, I discovered I had aa love of the outdoors in his own children, real knack for communicating with judges with activities ranging from watching an eagle and juries. pluck its dinner from the icy Alaskan waters, After realizing his talent in law school andto exploring tidepools in Southern California combining that with his positive experiences atbeaches, to downhill skiing in the Sierra Nevada his brothers law firm, Clark pursued a careermountains. He can also be found instilling in in personal injury law. The stars aligned andthem the words of his late father, Illegitimi non connected me to my passion, and everything justcarborundum, meaning, Dont let the bastards fell into place. Clark joined the Richard Harrisgrind you down. With his familys impact on his Law Firm right out of law school, his first job aslife and career, not surprisingly, the quote hangs a licensed attorney. Not only are Rick Harrisin Clarks office and re-energizes him during his battles for his clients and their families. 29'