b' Understand and know Types of Good Plants forthe plants you chooseFirst-Time Plant Parents*Whether youve cared for and enjoyed indoor plants or not, no two plants are the same. Different Aloe Spider plants plants require different amounts of light and aAir plants Snake plants varied watering schedule. If you provide the plant Orchids Peace lilieswith the conditions that will allow it to thrive, SucculentsCactiyoull be a more successful parent!Jade plant Pothos Prune if needed, as needed Some plants require more tending to or pruning Benefits of Plant Parenting and Mental Healthto continue to grow large and strong. Plant parents may recognize the mental health benefits from filling their indoor spaces with luscious leafyRepot your plants as they growgreens. Plants require attentive and ongoing care, Imagine this being crammed in the same smallsomething that other dcor in your home may not bed you slept in as a kid. How uncomfortablerequire. The newfound sense of responsibility and joy would that be as you continued to grow? Expectthat comes with caring for plants is a unique journey the same of your plants! Repotting is essential,found to improve ones mental and physical well-and some plants may require repotting every year,being. Studies show indoor plants, or a practice of while others may not need to be repotted for yearsoutdoor gardening are healthy stress reducers. Rather to come. A good rule of thumbwhen you seethan relying on eating, partying, drinking, or smoking, roots coming out of the drainage holes or risingplant parenting is a healthy way to take your mind off to the top of the soil, your plant should be movedwork and other stressors. The hobby of growing a plant to a larger pot or vessel. Choosing a planter or potfocuses on a bigger purpose, whether from a seedling approximately two inches larger than the previousor a starter plant, and gives plant parents the sense of one, in diameter, and using fresh potting soil willpride and accomplishment that something in their life give your plant the refresh it needs to continue tois growing alongside them.grow strong. Turn to experienced plantparents for tips and tricks Follow the most experienced people in the plant parenthood world! Popular plant parenting experts can help you better understand what you are thriving at and what could use some work in your plant parenthood journey. Also, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can help you envision the best plants and placement for your space based on eye-catching examples from the pros.*Be careful because several household plants are not pet friendly and UNSAFE for cats and dogs.21'