b'NO ONE KNOWS NEVADA LIKE WE DOTo live in Nevada is to love Nevada.I grew up and raised my kids here, and were lucky to call it home. For over 40 years, the Richard Harris Law Firm has left its footprint in our great State. Our incredible team of staff and lawyers throughout our 4-decade legacy allows us to serve Nevada with outstanding case results and extraordinary service our clients expect. Beyond the glistening lights, RICK roaring entertainment, and more mountain ranges than any other state, Nevada MESSAGE FROMhas an incomparable community, one that locked arms and united following the heartbreak of Route 91 and through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Nevada is one of a kind.IN THIS ISSUE: We recently shot new TV commercials with the theme, No One Knows Nevada Like We Do, featuring a showgirl after a slip and fall, a rancher hit by a bronco and WORKING REMOTELY .4 a ventriloquist rear ended by some dummy. We poked fun at Nevadas open range IF YOU WERENT AN ATTORNEY, WHAT WOULDlaws and the tuxedo-clad Nevada sharks and their superficial lifestyle marketing. YOU BE? .6 Weve had the pleasure of serving tens of thousands of Nevadans when theyve been A FEW OF SAMS injured or lost a loved one. Weve had the honor of recovering over $1 billion in FAVORITE THINGS .8 verdicts and settlements, money that made a difference and helped our clients put LENDING A HANDNEVADA their lives back together.By getting to know our diverse and fiercely independent WHEELCHAIR FOUNDATION .11 clients, weve experienced all that Nevada offers. Most important, our success allows IS THAT ELECTRIC CAR REALLY BETTER? .12 us to continuously give back to the people and communities we serve. CELEBRATING THE WINNERS OF THE 12THOur reputation throughout Nevada may be over 40 years in the making, but were ANNUAL SPIRIT OF NEVADA SCHOLARSHIPstill ramping up for continued success by adding a new office in Reno to strengthen CONTEST .13 our presence with our northern neighbors. What better way to continue knowing SERVING THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITYNevada like no one else? Our expansion allows us not only to serve more clients, but IN THE WORLD .14 it provides additional opportunities to give back through our community outreach CASE RESOLUTION PROCESS .16 program Heart of Nevada including Project Backpack, and our partnership with the OMAR ESPINO .18 Nevada Wheelchair Foundation. And nothing showcases Nevadas hidden treasures NICOLE GRIFFIN .18 and heroes better than our popular Spirit of Nevada series, now in its sixth year.THE INAUGURAL YEAR FOR No one knows Nevada like we do, and no one is more thankful for the people of PROJECT BACKPACK .19 Nevada like we are. Youve made us Nevadas largest personal injury law firm for the PLANT PARENTING .20people and according to our clients and peers, the highest rated. And remember, RICHARD HARRIS LAW FIRM GIVES BACK .22 some lawyers who advertise here dont even live here. If they say Nev-ah-duh, theyre JOURNEY FOR JUSTICE .24 not from around hereSAY NO TO THE GLOWTIPS FOR MANAGING TIME IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN .26SPACE SAVINGTINY HOMES, APARTMENTS AND RVS .28CLARK SEEGMILLER .29DANGEROUS DRUGS AND DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS .30STEP FOOT BACK IN TIME: WASDEN CAVES .32CASE STATUSA NEW PORTAL FOR MONITORING YOUR CASE .34'