b'RESOLUTIONThe case resolves by exchanging a written release of all claims fora settlement check.FINISHDISTRIBUTIONSHOULD I SETTLE? Settlement funds are distributed from the personal injury lawyers trust account.YESNO RESOLUTION DISTRIBUTIONLITIGATION ADJUDICATION Litigation begins withWhen the parties cannot the plaintiff suing thereach a settlement, the responsible parties, thecase proceeds to trial and is defendants. decided by a judge or jury.LITIGATION ADJUDICATION PREPARATION COORDINATION Many settlements come Case managers andonly after a considerable paralegals work withamount of time and moneythe lawyer on the case.have been spent preparing for trial.COORDINATION PREPARATIONPRODUCTIONThere are severalMEDIATION phases of discovery,Both parties can agree including theto mediation, which is production of writtennegotiation facilitated by documentation bya neutral third party. both sides.PRODUCTION MEDIATION The timeline of a personal injury case can be complex and emotionally draining. At the Richard Harris Law Firm, we have a proven Case Resolution Process to ensure DEPOSITION EXAMINATION ARBITRATION our team is communicating and preparing you for each stage and the DEPOSITION EXAMINATION ARBITRATION best possible settlement.The lawyers take deposi- The defendants insuranceA case may be submitted to tionstestimony under oath company has their doctornon-binding arbitration and from parties and witnesses. examine the plaintiff. if both parties agree to the decision, the case settles. 17'