b'The rise of plant parenthood during the pandemic allowed the millennial generation to put their green thumbs to work, cultivating and caring for a new type of roommate, houseplants. So, what is a plant parent and whats all the hype about?Plant Parenting 101Plant parenting is a new term, but plant parenting isnt new. The origination of houseplants and cultivating living plants in ones home originates from ancient Chinese culture, as they used different breeds and varieties of plants to enhance the interior of their living spaces. This long-adored trend isnt like other consumer trends though. Like other healthy practices dating back thousands of years, plant parenthood benefits have withstood the test of time. Young plant parents are increasingly interested in growing plants indoors, as they provide improved air quality, positive mood changes and may even help you think more creatively when working in your home space. Plant parenthood allows young adults to have additional responsibility, without the heightened responsibility of a pet or child. Also, growing and caring for plants provides an escape and oasis from being hyper connected to our smart devices and internet technology. Tips for Plant ParenthoodThink youre up for the plant parenting challenge? Get a plant or two and spruce up your home! Here are helpful tips to start off on the right leaf: Research different plants andfind the best option for you PlantDepending on where you live, the climate and how attentive you want to be to your plants, it is best to research different types of indoor plants before purchasing.20 Parenting'