b'Space SavingTiny Homes, Apartments and RVsFrom tiny houses to apartments and RVs,Maximizing Your Spacesmall-living, and the trend of living in tinyThe key to successful manage-homes, has become very popular. Wheth- ment of your tiny home is er your dream is to live in a tiny home ormaking the most of the space youre temporarily living in quarters small- you do have! Multifunctional er than you prefer, living minimally in afurniture, such as tables or sofas tiny home can be spacious enough with tipsthat turn into futons, doors that to utilize the space and design correctly. turn into ladders, and bunk beds, may allow you to have multipurpose spaces that youll use for About Tiny Homes different functions throughout the day. Small So, what is considered a tiny home? Tinyliving does require creativity with space and homes can range from less than 400 squarestorage of your items. Installing cubbies, under-feet to semi-larger spaces, such as smallground storage or hidden cabinets will allow you apartments, RVs, or travel trailers. Livingto store things in ways that do not limit use of large may be a trend of the past! More peo- your common areas. Here are some space-saving ple are trading in their homes and happilytips and organizational hacks that can come in choosing the new lifestyle of living small.handy when living small:Tiny homes may be a great move if you are Take advantage of natural lightup for the challenge, as they allow you toand windows.purge unnecessary things, live minimally, and ultimately save more money. Lets be Paint your space using light colors for your franknot every small home or structurehome to feel more spacious.can prove itself to be as trendy, sleek, and Use wall space for open shelving and orga-beautiful as those tiny homes you see onnization of kitchen tools that may clutter social media, TV or in publications. Butyour limited counter space.accommodating your space to your lifestyle Declutter and minimize your stuff to only and using more innovative organizationyour must-haves.techniques may allow you to feel your best as you live small!Invest in accessories, home dcor and furni-ture that serve more than one purpose. Consider a wall bed for collapsible sleeping space that can be utilized differently during the daytime. Strategically place mirrors and artwork to create an illusion that your space is larger. Add indoor plants to your home and bring the outdoors in. Find spaces outside your tiny hometo exercise, hang out with friends,and work to allow you to escape fromyour small quarters. Redefine the meaning of home, embark on an adventure of small living, and make your space come to life with maximizing your space and 28 organization.'