34 T here are two types of brooks in the world. One, the small streams, tripping over the rocks that separate the forest greenery, hydrating thirsty woodland creatures. Then, there’s the other Brooke – the smiling, empathetic, client intake supervisor who also serves as the Richard Harris Law Firm’s Client Relations Manager. Brooke, a member of the Richard Harris Law Firm family since her start as receptionist in 2006, has served the firm and its clients in multiple capacities. After working in retail, Brooke was introduced to the firm by her mother-in-law, who worked with Richard Harris for over 25 years. Brooke moved from receptionist to the medical records department to intake and case management before client relations. “Client relations wasn’t something I originally saw for myself. But the great thing about Rick Harris is he identifies traits and qualities in people and places them where they’ll perform best,” said Brooke. So, what did Rick see in Brooke as a long-term asset to the firm? It was her ability to relate to our clients, who often are experiencing the most difficult times of their lives. “Every client has a story, and it’s our job at the firm to take a negative story of pain and suffering and help make it positive,” said Brooke, who prides herself in speaking to everyone, getting to know them and creating a genuine relationship. Brooke also works hard to embody the firm’s core values by embracing the principle that clients come first. “Rick has always made it clear that he really cares about our clients, and in everything we do, we need to show them that they matter,” Brooke said. The core values of the firm are contained in the acronym P-I-R-A-T-E-S, and the Pirate of the Year award is given annually to the member of the Richard Harris Law Firm team who best demonstrates all the core values. Brooke won the Pirate of the Year Award in 2017. Brookeiscommitted to her family and to our clients. Brooke’s family members work in law enforcement and she was injured in a car wreck. These experiences have shown Brooke firsthand the effects of an accident from initial impact through case resolution. Because of this insight, Brooke always does the best job she can and encourages others to be the best they can be because you never know when life will take a turn. “Brooke is a real treasure,” said Richard Harris. “She is hardworking and happy. This translates into Brooke being a wonderful team member at the firm and, most importantly, a great wife and mother. We’re lucky to have her.”