I first saw the lights of Las Vegas in 1957 when I was four years old as the family car crested a hill on old U.S. 91. In 1968, Nevada became home when my Dad and I hitchhiked 100 miles to Las Vegas after the family car broke down. Everyone enjoys Las Vegas, America’s party city, and for most visitors, they stay only a few days, never straying from the Strip. Yet, Nevada’s charm does not begin or end with its most popular attractions. Not far from the neon resort corridor in Southern Nevada are spectacular deserts with timeless simplicity and distinctive contrasts. Northern Nevada is full of lush forests and alpine lakes. Throughout the State, Nevada is rich in Wild Western history. Like the Native Americans and explorers who discovered this area for all to experience, Nevadans are adventurous, resilient and fiercely independent. The Spirit of Nevada brought gold and silver miners to the State in another era and mining remains one of its largest and respected industries. Nevada cattle and sheep ranches rank third in the U.S. for size at an average of 3,500 acres each, and the Silver State is home to over 2,900 farms. Since the construction of Hoover Dam during the Great Depression, the Spirit of Nevada is the allure of plentiful work. The Spirit of Nevada is its variety and contrast. Mark Twain said, “that if the devil were set at liberty and told to confine himself to Nevada Territory, he would … get homesick and go back to hell again.” But reflecting in his old age, Twain also wrote, “I would renew my youth … and have the times I used to have when I was in the dear old Sagebrush State, the time of my life.” Nevada is a state of dreams and extremes – a state for art, or a fresh start. Some make a fortune here – others lose it. Some come to Nevadatoescape–otherscometobefound. Nevada is the embodiment of diversity and tolerance, where a different viewpoint is the mainstream. For years, Nevada was the only state to allow gambling or a quick divorce. Prostitution remains legal and a dead brothel owner recently won an election to the State Assembly. In contrast, Nevada is one of only five states with two women serving as U.S. senator. The Spirit of Nevada lies in the State’s “Battle Born” motto. Following the 1 October tragedy, the Spirit of Nevada bound the people of the State, who rallied around an upstart hockey team of misfits on an incredible journey to the Stanley Cup Final. The Spirit of Nevada is in those who call Nevada home, who showed the world Nevadans are resilient and have a heart. I’m proud to be a Nevadan and to have raised my family here. To know Nevada is to love it. We are Nevada’s largest personal injury law firm for the people and will continue to deliver the extraordinary client service and results people expect. Nevada is a state of dreams and extremes – a state for art, or a fresh start. Some make a fortune here – others lose it. WHAT IS THE SPIRIT OF NEVADA?