1Plan Ahead. Often, driving routines can become just that, routine. But, conditions like weather or construction can throw a curveball into your daily commute and may require more time to complete your trip. Before you head out the door, check road conditions and give yourself ample time to get from point A to point B. 2Focus on the Road From our cell phones and the radio to air conditioning and talkative passengers, there are so many distractions when we get in the car. One of the best ways you can drive defensively is to keep your focus and attention on the task at hand: driving. 3Get the “Big Picture” It’s important to know what’s going on around you when driving. Always scan your surroundings by continuously checking your mirrors and observing other drivers’ behavior, especially when approaching an intersection. 4Give Space No one likes a tailgater. Give cars in front of you more space than you think you need if an unforeseen change in road conditions or drivers’ actions occurs. Try following the four-second rule, leaving four seconds between you and the vehicle in front, to help establish and maintain a safe driving distance. 5Have an Escape Route No one can predict when an accident or unsafe condition will occur, but being mindful of the roads and other drivers, and having an escape route in mind, will help keep you safe. MISTAKES HAPPEN HAVE A LAWYER READY FOR ANY SITUATION. TEXT YOUR TICKET Ticket Busters can save you valuable time and money. Call or Text Ticket Busters 702.666.6666 DUI | Traffic Tickets Warrants | Criminal Defense