b'Mainor & Harris had 16 lawyers at itsThefirmsextensivemarketingcenters peak.TheRichardHarrisLawFirmaround Harriss story, his family, and his now has 30 attorneys and is the largestlove for Nevada. Its current commercials personal injury law firm in Nevadafeature Harris and his son, Josh, at a local with offices in Las Vegas and Reno. diner.Harrissaysthespotsstandout fromthecompetitionbecausetheyare Ivekindofrepeatedthemom- humorous and self-deprecating.and-popmodelthatIwastaught intheHallmarkstore,saysHarris.Onlinemarketingincludesaseriesof Even though were a fairly large firmYouTubevideosthatthefirmproduces with 130 people, it still really is a familytitled Spirit of Nevada. A brainchild of business. It has that feel to it. Harriss,themorethan200cinematic videosspotlighttheStatesspectacular His second son and his daughter also worknatural beauty and hidden one-of-a-kind forthefirm.Jakedoesmarketingandhangoutsthatcanbefoundbeyondthe socialmediaoutreach,whileJulianneissparkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip.in charge of the trust fund and settlement checks. IreallyloveNevadaandIwantedto start promoting Nevada through my law He strove to be the lawyer who was theI get the opportunity to be with my kidspractice and let people know that Im the most prepared, reading every page of theevery day, says Harris. Theres sort of theguy who loves Nevada, Harris explains. I file before any trial or deposition. joke in the family, Sorry, I wasnt aroundlike the idea of being really proud of where when you were growing up but its great toyoucomefromandthenshowcasing Ialwaysknewthecasebackwardandwork with you every day now. everythingthereistodohereandthe forwardsoIcouldanticipatewhatwashidden gems and the unique people.going to be thrown at me, he says. AsHarrisworkedtoestablishthenew firm, he realized marketing and brandingPrimerusisanotherresourceinthe Hepartneredforatimewithanotherwouldplayacriticalroleinraisingthefirmstoolbox.Indecidingtojointwo attorney, but returned to solo practice untilfirmsprofile.WhileMainor&Harrisyears ago, Harris says he was looking for 1993whenheteamedupwithRandallhad not advertised at all, relying solely onanorganizationthathadnetworkingat Mainor,aformerFBIagentwhohadword-of-mouth and referrals, Harris sawits core.become an effective civil litigator. Over thethat advertising was now necessary to help next decade, the partners built Mainor &quickly regrow the new firm and get backItfitseverythingIwantoutofan Harris into a flourishing personal injuryinto the game. organization, he says. Its got education, andconstructiondefectlawfirmthatitsgotcamaraderie.Itsa handlednearlyeverymajorcaseintheIn order to compete and grow with thegood organization.State, from fires and explosions to airplanetown,youhavetomarket,saysHarris. and helicopter crashes. You do that on top of our referral-based practice,whichisstillthecoreofthe There were lots of tragedies that we werebusiness. I think the Richard Harris Law abletojumpinandhelppeopleout,Firm is known for having both the he says. abilitytolitigate,getbigresults, and that we market in a smart way But in 2003, the firm imploded and the lawthat doesnt offend the profession.partners endured a protracted and public legal battle in state and federal court overHarrisbelievestherearefew the firms assets. The split left Harris withlawyerswhoareexceptional having to start fresh at the age of 50. Thistrialattorneysandwhoalso time, however, he resolved to return to hismarket well.family-business roots and build the firm around his son, Josh, who was admitted toTherearealotofattorneys the bar in 2005. whomarketwellwhoarent necessarilyverygood Together we have re-built the firm to beattorneys,hesays.Youcan even bigger and more successful than themarket well and do very wellMainor & Harris firm, which was quite anit doesnt necessarily mean that historic firm in its day, says Harris. youre a great lawyer.4'