b'RoundupCamp Lejeune Drinking Theworldsmostpopularweed killer,Roundup,hasbeenlinkedtoWater Contaminationincreasedcancerdiagnosis. Glyphosate,theprimary ingredient found in thisCamp Lejeune is in Onslow County North Carolina. The camp widelyusedherbicideis home to one Navy command and several major Marine Corps primarilyusedincommands. From 1953 to 1987, the Marines and their families, homesandfarmsisalong with civilian employees, at Camp Lejeune were exposed to usedtokillgrassandcontaminated drinking water. Due to the volatile organic compounds weeds. Individuals havein the drinking water, many came down with terrible diseases. During beenlinkedtodeadlythat period, its reported there was 3,400 times the maximum safe formsofcancerincludingamount of these chemicals in the water at Camp Lejeune.non-Hodgkin lymphoma.According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, some of the medical conditions caused by toxic water contamination include:Talcum Powder Bladder cancer Leukemia Liver cancerTalcum powder is a feminine-hygieneBreast cancer Lung cancer Multiple productusedbyapproximately40EsophagealMiscarriage myelomapercent of women in the U.S.cancer Renal toxicity Non-Hodgkins asanafter-bath/showerFemale infertility lymphomatreatmenttoabsorbKidney cancer Scleroderma Parkinsons moisture.ThedirectAplastic anemia diseaseperinealdustingmayWhat Contaminated The Water at Camp Lejeuneintroduce the particlesTwo water treatment facilities, Hadnot Point and Tarawa Terrace, into a womans vagina,supplied water to Camp Lejeune since the 1950s. The poisonous and from there into thechemical Perchloroethylene or PCE (which is commonly used by fallopian tubes and to thecommercial dry cleaners) found its way into the Tarawa Terrace ovaries, causing ovarian cancer.facility. The toxic chemical Trichloroethylene or TCE (an odorless liquid used as a solvent for cleaning weapons) got into the water at Zantac Hadnot Point. From the 1950s into the 1980s ,both water plants Zantacisanoverthecounterorsupplied contaminated water to unsuspecting military families and prescription medication used to treatcivilians working or living at Camp Lejeune.heartburn. Zantac, or genericHow Contaminated Was The Waterversions of the medication,The EPA (Environmental Protection are used by millions ofAgency) determines the maximum level Americansacrosstheallowed for a contaminant in water country and are linkeddelivered to people using a public tovarioustypesofwater system.cancer, such as bladder,The Hadnot Point plant had 280x the prostate,stomach,andEPA maximum safe level of TCE.colon cancers.The Tarawa Terrace plant had 43x theEPA maximum safe level of PCE.For a complete list of massBoth numbers are staggering and is why the tort cases we handle,Richard Harris Law Firm is here to fight for our Veterans, and their families, from the Camp visit our website atLeJeune contaminated drinking water.RichardHarrisLaw.com. Call us today and get help.29'