b'years after graduating from law school, I returned tohighest unemployment rate in the country. Las Vegas theclassroomasastudentandreceivedmyMasteris made up mostly of hard working, fun loving people ofLawsdegreefromPepperdineUniversitywith families and truly represents the American School of Laws famed Straus InstituteDream. I love Nevada. I grew up in Las for Dispute Resolution. Vegasandraisedmythreechildren here.Myoldestsonisalawyer Iamhonoredtohavealawin my firm. My second son is a firm for the people. We do notcertifiedcourtinterpreterfor representinsurancecompa- the Spanish language and my nies or corporations. I havedaughter is a paralegal in my sharedthedarkesthoursoffice. My grandchildren were withmyclientsinjuredorborn and raised in Southern who have lost loved ones. INevada.Althoughmygreat havelistenedtomyclients,great grandpa was a judge in understoodthemandfeltfrontier Idaho, he never went theirdespair.Ihavecommit- to law school. In 1980, I was the ted to each client to try and rightfirst lawyer in the family. Today, the wrong and bring peace to theirthere are 10 lawyers in my immedi-lives. (Thank you, Mom). I have alsoate family.celebrated with my clients when, through hardworkanddetermination,thejusticesystemI was blessed to have both my parents until I was 60. worked to compensate them for damages through juryWe talked on the phone every night at 9:00 p.m. Dad verdict awards and negotiated settlements. died in 2013, surrounded by his five children and mom singing to him. As a kid, when my dad would get home I saw my first Southern Nevada sunset on the eveningfrom work, we sat for dinner every night as a family ofmy15thbirthdaywhenIhitchhikedintotown.of seven. Today, I still like meatloaf and fish sticks like LightsfromLasVegashotelcasinosprovideoneofmy mom made. My folks instilled in me a love of hard the most spectacular skylines in the world, where awork,compassionandmusic.Ibecameapersonal building may be considered too old after 30 years andinjurylawyerbecauseoftheirexample.Today,Im torn down to make way for a bigger, better, brighteralso the lead singer in my law firms classic rock band. building. Yet, only a few miles in any direction from(Thank you, Mom and Dad.)the hustle, bustle and glamour of the Strip, are some of the most beautiful natural desert and mountain vistasAfter thirty-five years of practice, I still love getting in the country. I love hiking in the red rocks just outup in the morning and coming to work to help the of town where sometimes I hear the eery howls of apeople.AlotoflawyersinLasVegasadvertise.Las coyote pack, or imagine the sound of a miners pickaxe,Vegas is the most competitive personal injury lawyer or the creaking of a covered wagon wheel as it makesmarket in the country; here, more dollars are spent on its way West along the rutted tracks of the Old SpanishTV lawyer advertising per household than any city in Trail, still visible. America.Becauseoftheconstantbarrageoflawyer ads, Las Vegans whove been injured Las Vegas is a city of contrasts, where you can get richhire a lawyer quicker than those in quick, or quickly lose it all; where the weather is usu- any other city in the country.ally too hot or too cold and where blackjack dealers go home after work to watch their kids play ball. OnSo, how is the Richard Harris Law theonehand,itsacitywithawholesomewesternFirmanydifferent?Well,ifbeing pioneer heritage, while its a city the mob built. Its aone of Nevadas largest, highest rated city of opportunity for the winners and for the losers,and hardest working personal injury a city of despair.A few years ago, Las Vegas was thepracticeswerentenough,howare fastestgrowingcityinthecountry,followedbythewe different? We care07'