b'REACHINGOUTBoundless ENERGYOU R TE AM, H EL PI NGYOU.I often think about my very first personal injury client over 30 years ago. This young, single mom had a broken leg and I worked very hard on her case. It was an auto accident and I was able to resolve that case with a good settlement. She was happy, I was happy. That was the first client, and weve had well over 50,000 clients since then. But, one thing has remained constant over the yearsour clients come first. I dont think about the verdicts or the settlements on an individual basis. I think about all the people Ive represented who are happy and continue to stay close with me as friends long after their case is settled. I want to make sure I have a client for life and that we are their lawyers, not just for another accident that might happen, but that we are considered their personal lawyers for all of their needs. Thats the essence of my careerto be someones lawyer is the proudest accomplishment I can think of.~ Richard Harris02'