b'To Richard Harris,When I became ill and could not work anymore, I felt my whole world had crumbled around me. OurSocialSecuritylawyersandprofessionalSo I decided to try to get benefits to help me disabilityrepresentativescansignificantly improveourclientschancesofobtainingwithgettingthecareIneeded.Notknowing benefits.Ourattorneysfeeislimitedto25%how the system works and not being able to of the back award, or $6,000, whichever is less.see doctors, lack of funds forced me to only Nofeesaretakenfromthemonthlycheckshospitalstays.AsaresultIwasdeniedany ourclientsreceiveafterbenefitsareawarded. If there is no award for back disability benefits,benefits. One day while watching the television there is no fee. set I began seeing various law offices making statements that if you been denied, they can Trust the Professional Disability Representativeshelp. I am spiritual and I prayed on which way at one of Nevadas largest disability practices. should I go. The way you came across to the people is professional, compassionate and that you can relate to our pain and suffering. I called the office and I was treated like family. The staff is great. Mrs. Noel is definitely representing the clients. She is always so kind and courteous, she listens to what the client is going through andleadsthemintherightdirection.While going through the many processes I have hadto encounter during the ordeal,I was always reassuredbyseeingyoucomeacrossthe Member of the National Organization oftelevisionset.IfanyonewasaroundIwould Social Security Claimants Representativessayloudly,thatsmyfirm.Ijustwantyou toknow,Ireallydorespectandappreciatethe firm. If ever asked, I will always recommend RichardHarrisLawFirmbecauseitcares about the people. Please thank all the staff as a team, and tell them this firm is truly unique.~ Mary B.'